What is the difference between Aqiqah & Qurban?

Let's share the similarities first. Both practises are Sunnah Muaqaddah. Sunnah Muaqaddah means that it is highly encourage practise by the Prophets. Some Ulamas says it is almost to compulsory (wajib). Other examples of Sunnah Muaqaddah are Marriages. Marriage is highly encourage in our religion so that our Ummah will continue to grow and our religion [...]

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Qurban Indonesia 1438H/2017

For the 5th year running, we are providing this service for those who wish to perform the Qurban in Indonesia. This year we are able to provide you with 2 locations in Indonesia itself. Hope this will benefit more people insyallah. You can choose to perform the Qurban in Semarang ( Central Java ) or [...]

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